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    MacBook Air Repair

    MacBook Service Even at Your Doorstep in 1 Hour!

    Is your once-reliable MacBook acting sluggish, experiencing overheating issues, or refusing to turn on altogether? Don’t despair, Hyderabad Mac users! Laptop Repair World offers comprehensive MacBook repair services to get your beloved Apple device back in top shape, fast. We cater to customers across Hyderabad, including areas like Secunderabad, Banjara Hills, Jubilee Hills, and Madhapur. Whether you have a MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, or any other MacBook model, our certified technicians possess the expertise to diagnose and fix a wide range of issues efficiently.

    We also have stores in Hitech City and Secunderabad!

    • Hitech City Store Address: Behind Cyber Towers, Hitech City, Madhapur
    • Secunderabad Store Address: Paradise Circle, Secunderabad
    • Both locations Phone & WhatsApp: 7702503336

    Common MacBook Issues & Solutions:

    The following table highlights some common MacBook problems and the solutions we provide at Laptop Repair World:

    Apple MacBook Air

    Common Issue Slow Performance
    Analysis Outdated macOS, insufficient RAM, cluttered storage
    Solution Upgrade macOS, RAM expansion, storage optimization/upgrade
    Cost Starts from Rs.1800+

    M1 - MacBook Air | Apple

    Common Issue Battery Issues
    Analysis Faulty battery, damaged power supply
    Solution Battery replacement, power supply diagnostics and repair
    Cost Starts from Rs.6600+

    M2 - MacBook Air | Apple

    Common Issue Keyboard & Trackpad Malfunctions
    Analysis Unresponsive keys, malfunctioning trackpad
    Solution Keyboard/trackpad cleaning, replacement if necessary
    Cost Starts from Rs.8600+

    Apple MacBook Pro

    Common Issue Overheating
    Analysis Dust buildup, malfunctioning fan
    Solution Internal cleaning, fan replacement (if needed)
    Cost Starts from Rs.1800+

    M1 - MacBook Pro | Apple

    Common Issue Screen Problems
    Analysis Cracked screen, display flickering, distorted visuals
    Solution Screen replacement
    Cost Starts from Rs.18600+

    M2 - MacBook Pro | Apple

    Common Issue Liquid Damage
    Analysis Spills or moisture exposure
    Solution Liquid damage assessment, cleaning, component repair (data recovery attempted if possible)
    Cost Starts from Rs.10600+

    Get Your MacBook Repaired Quickly & Conveniently with Laptop Repair World:

    Here’s why choosing Laptop Repair World for your MacBook repair in Hyderabad is the smart choice:

    Laptop Repair World

    • Doorstep Service in 1 Hour
    • Free Diagnosis & Transparent Quotes
    • No Fix – No Fee
    • Genuine Apple Parts & Warranty on Repairs
    • CompTIA A+ Certified Technicians
    • Trade-in Program
    • Don’t wait for longer time
    • Special Service Discount
    We understand the urgency of getting your MacBook back online. In most cases, our certified technicians can be at your doorstep within 1 hour to diagnose and potentially fix your MacBook issue.
    We’ll diagnose the problem with your MacBook free of charge and provide a detailed quote before any repairs begin.
    You only pay if our technicians can successfully resolve your MacBook issue.

    Genuine Apple Parts & Warranty on Repairs

    We use only high-quality, original Apple parts for all repairs and back them with a warranty for your peace of mind.

    CompTIA A+ Certified Technicians

    Our team possesses the expertise and certifications to handle all your MacBook repair needs.

    Trade-in Program

    Considering an upgrade? Trade in your old MacBook for a new one and get a great value in return.

    Don’t wait for longer time

    Don’t wait to get your MacBook working flawlessly again! Emergency Services: Contact us for urgent or after-hours repairs

    Special Service Discount

    Use coupon code LRW-HYD-MAC05 when booking your MacBook repair online for an additional 5% off!

    Apple Service Center near me | Mac Estimated Repair Cost Hyderabad India 2024

    Repair Issue Estimated Cost (₹) (Rs.) (INR)
    MacBook Battery Replacement 2999 – 9499+
    Slow Performance 1500 – 10000+
    No Internet Connection (WiFi/Bluetooth) 500 – 3000+
    MacBook Not Turning On 2000 – 15000+
    Screen Replacement (LCD Panel Repair/Cracked Screen) 6500 – 45000+
    Keyboard Replacement 2999 – 12500+
    macOS Installation/Upgrade Free – 1500+ (depending on complexity)
    SSD Replacement 4000 – 15000+ (depending on capacity)
    RAM Upgrade 2000 – 5000+ (depending on type and capacity)
    Liquid Damage Repair 3000 – 10000+
    MagSafe Charger Replacement 2500 – 5000+
    Thermal Issues (Cleaning/Overheating Repair) 1000 – 2000+
    Software Issues (App Not Responding, Booting Errors, macOS Errors) Free – 2500+ (depending on complexity)
    Hardware Component MacBook Repair/Replacement (Common MacBook Issues – Logic Board, Trackpad, Speaker) Varies
    Data Recovery 2000 – 8000+
    Fan Replacement 1500 – 4000+
    General Cleaning/Maintenance 500 – 1500+
    macOS Updates  WhatsApp 7702503336 Free

    Please note:

    • Prices are estimates and may vary depending on the specific MacBook model, parts availability, and repair complexity.
    • Additional costs may apply for data recovery services depending on the severity of data loss.
    • Apple Stores and Authorized Service Providers typically use genuine Apple parts, which can be more expensive. Similarly we stock the Genuine Mac Parts for faster Apple Home Service.

    Get MacBook Doorstep Service in 1 Hour

    Charger for MacBook Macbook Charger

    Restore power to your MacBook with a genuine or compatible MagSafe or USB-C charger, ensuring optimal charging performance and safety.

    Battery for MacBook Macbook Battery

    Replace a failing MacBook battery and extend your laptop’s life, keeping you productive for longer on a single charge.

    Display for MacBook Macbook Display

    Enhance your visual experience with a high-quality replacement display for your MacBook, featuring vibrant colors, sharp resolution, and clear visuals.

    Keyboard for MacBook Macbook Keyboard

    Regain control and enjoy a smooth typing experience with a new MacBook keyboard, available in various layouts and languages to perfectly suit your needs

    Your One-Stop Shop for All MacBook Repairs in Hyderabad and Secunderabad

    iMac RepairiMac Repair

    We offer chip-level and component-level repairs for all iMac models, including the latest M1 and Intel-based versions in various sizes (21.5-inch, 24-inch, 27-inch). Our services cover a variety of problems, including:

    • Logic board repairs
    • RAM upgrades
    • Hard drive replacements
    • SSD upgrades
    • Display repairs
    • Data recovery (in select cases)

    MacBook Air RepairMacBook Air Repair

    Given the MacBook Air’s thin design, we take extra care during repairs to avoid any damage. We specialize in fixing various issues like:

    • Logic board repairs
    • Battery replacements
    • Screen replacements
    • Keyboard replacements
    • Trackpad replacements
    • Data recovery (in select cases)

    MacBook Pro RepairMacBook Pro Repair

    We offer comprehensive repair services for all MacBook Pro models, including the latest M1 and M2 chip-powered versions, as well as older Intel-based models like the 13-inch, 14-inch, 15-inch, and 16-inch configurations. Our skilled technicians can efficiently diagnose and repair various issues, including:

    • Logic board repairs
    • Battery replacements
    • Screen replacements
    • Keyboard replacements
    • Trackpad replacements
    • Speaker repairs
    • Data recovery (in select cases)

    MacBook RepairMacBook Repair

    We handle repairs for various MacBook models, from the latest M2 Air to older models like the 11-inch and 13-inch versions. Our services address a wide range of issues, including:

    • Logic board repairs
    • Battery replacements
    • Screen replacements
    • Keyboard replacements
    • Trackpad replacements
    • Data recovery (in select cases)

    Expert MacBook Repair in Hyderabad (Doorstep Service in 1 Hour!)

    Is your MacBook malfunctioning? Laptop Repair World offers comprehensive repairs for all MacBook issues in Hyderabad and surrounding areas. They provide solutions for slow performance, battery problems, keyboard malfunctions, screen issues, liquid damage, and macOS problems. Their services include doorstep repair in 1 hour, free diagnosis, transparent quotes, and a warranty on repairs.


    Can Laptop Repair World fix my MacBook screen flickering?

    Yes, Laptop Repair World can diagnose and fix screen flickering issues. They might replace the display cable or repair the graphics card (if necessary).

    How much does it cost to replace a MacBook battery in Hyderabad?

    The cost depends on the specific MacBook model. However, Laptop Repair World provides a free quote before any repairs.

    Do I have to take my MacBook to a store to get it repaired?

    No, Laptop Repair World offers convenient doorstep service in Hyderabad. They can come to your home or office to diagnose and potentially fix your MacBook within 1 hour.

    What happens if Laptop Repair World can't fix my MacBook?

    You won’t be charged! They have a “No Fix – No Fee” policy.

    Are the technicians at Laptop Repair World qualified to fix MacBooks?

    Absolutely! Their team is comprised of CompTIA A+ certified technicians with expertise in handling all MacBook repairs.


    Swami, Architect

    “My MacBook keyboard was completely unresponsive after a coffee spill. Laptop Repair World came to my office in Jubilee Hills within the hour and cleaned the internal components. Now, it’s working perfectly again!”

    Rohan, Student

    “I was worried about the cost of replacing the battery in my MacBook Air. Laptop Repair World’s quote was very reasonable, and the technician who visited my home in Madhapur was very professional.”

    Anusha, Marketing Manager

    “The screen on my MacBook Pro kept flickering. Laptop Repair World diagnosed the issue as a faulty display cable and replaced it on the spot at their Secunderabad store. Excellent service!”

    Krishna, Software Developer

    “Upgrading the RAM on my MacBook made a huge difference in performance. The technicians at Laptop Repair World in Banjara Hills explained everything clearly and completed the service quickly.”

    Aditya, Entrepreneur

    “I was hesitant to trust anyone with my MacBook, but Laptop Repair World’s positive reviews convinced me. They replaced the faulty logic board in my MacBook and even recovered most of my lost data. I’m incredibly grateful!”