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    Hyderabad Mac Logic Board Repair for Apple MacBook Pro & Air

    Logic Board, which is nothing but the mother board of a MacBook is a crucial part of the gadget. Though the OS of a normal laptop and MacBook are different, the importance and the inner connections of both are equally sensitive and must be handled carefully. Often, we have seen customers rushing to replace their entire MacBook before reaching our store. But we don’t let this happen at our Laptop Repair World, as we give utmost preference to your products and try solving the damage without taking it to the peak situations of replacing the gadget.

    Fast and Reliable Hyderabad Macbook Logic Board Replacement

    Are you are looking for an Apple Mac logic board repair instead of a complete board replacement service in Hyderabad? Then you have come to the right place. Mac Repair Hyderabad is an established Apple Mac repair store providing Mac logic board repair and replacement services to customers in Greater Hyderabad and Secunderabad for Apple Mac desktop computer (iMac, Mac mini and Mac Pro) and notebook computer (MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, PowerBook G4 and iBook G4) models.

    imac logic board

    iMac Logic Board Motherboard Repair / Replacement

    MacBook Air Logic BoardMacbook Air Logic Board Repair / Replacement

    MacBook Pro Logic Board

    Macbook Pro Logic Board Repair / Replacement

    • Proper scrutiny of the gadget
    • Repairs and replacements at wholesale prices
    • Free additional installations
    • Expert engineers
    • Maintaining the quality of replaced components

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      Logic Board for Apple MacBook Pro & Air

      Generally, a Logic Board failure will damage the entire MacBook and the screen becomes black making it impossible to use it further. People generally panic and get into unhealthy decision making, which finally ends at buying a new MacBook pro. It would be sheer waste of money and trying to handle it yourself is never considered a wise option.

      Proper scrutiny of the gadget

      Before we actually perform any kinds of repair, it is a clever man’s way to understand the problem clearly. We at our store do the same and then move on to take crucial decisions by informing you the seriousness of the problem and the optimum measures available.

      Mac Repairs and replacements at wholesale prices

      We don’t simply replace the products without any necessity and we first perform repairs in order to restore it to the original condition. Also even while replacing the product and repairing it, we charge a price which is always cheaper than the Market Retail Price. So don’t take all the stress into your head regarding cost of repairing your MacBook’s logic board.

      Free additional installations

      Whenever a customer reaches us, we always tend to improve their user satisfaction by offering them some extra benefits like installing MacOS or other required elements for free of cost.

      Mac Expert engineers

      We only employ professionally graduated engineers who are good at handling your costly and technically sensitive gadgets.

      Maintaining the quality of replaced components

      We have seen people rushing from store to store to find a product of their gadget in order to replace. But we at our place are available with all replaceable components of MacBook with premium quality. We also help you with claiming your warranty with Apple store.

      If you have any doubts regarding the above topic, do contact us online or visit our store if you want to analyse the situation correctly.