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All laptop brand CPU Cooling Fan available including Apple, HP, Dell, Lenovo, Acer, Asus, Toshiba and Sony VAIO

Laptop fan is responsible for cooling the vital components packed tightly inside the case. It blows the hot air, generated by the working elements of the Notebook, out through the air vents. We provide overheating repair service to clean the cooling system on your Laptops. Laptop cooling Fan Replacement cost includes installation and delivery

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    Lenovo ThinkPad T430 T430i Thermal Laptop Cooling Fan & Heatsink 0B41088 04X3788 in Hyderabad

    Same Day / Next Day CPU Cooling Fan Replacement Service

    Fastest Laptop Fan Upgrade / Repair / Replacement Service in City

    Avoid damage to your laptop by a faulty cooling system and call us now to ask about laptops fan replacements at Home. If the notebook fan is not serviced, the components on the motherboard can be damaged. Main components that can be affected due to fan failure are graphic chipset.

    Apple Service

    Apple MacBook Fan

    MacBook Pro overheating repair services in Hyderabad, India. Apple MacBook Air Pro heatsink and fan, will be replaced.


    Dell Laptop Fan

    We have fixed overheating problem for high specs Dell laptop by cleaning all the fans and internal dust. Contact us today.

    HP Service

    HP Laptop Fan

    HP Laptop cooling fan repair and replacement service in Hyderabad. Just bring your faulty laptop to us and we will repair your faulty notebook fan.

    Lenovo Service Center

    Lenovo Laptop Fan

    Don’t worry about your Lenovo laptop getting hot, We have cleaned cooling system for Lenovo laptop computer.

    Acer Service Center

    Acer Notebook Fan

    If your Acer notebook is making strange noises or producing an abnormal amount of heat then it might be a sign of a faulty or damaged fan

    Asus Service Center

    Asus Notebook Fan

    Notebook CPU Cooling Fan for your Asus Notebook can be used as a replacement for your original notebook fan, if the original is faulty or damaged.

    Sony VAIO Service Center

    Sony Vaio Fan

    We offer to clean dust from Sony Vaio laptop cooling system. Sony Vaio VGN Series Cooling Heatsink & Fan in stock
    Toshiba Laptop Repair

    Toshiba Satellite Fan

    Toshiba notebook gets older, the cooling system may be blocked by dust or the fan become noisy. Your laptop will get hot and hotter.

    Microsoft service

    Microsoft Surface Fan

    Microsoft Surface Battery; Surface DC Power Adapters; Fix Laptops cooling fan failure; laptop will not turn on or boot up.

    Laptop CPU Fan Common Problems that we solve at our Store

    We specialize in the same day repairs and work with all makes and models

    We come to you to repair laptop overheating in Hyderabad with most of the important tools required to repair computer, laptop or mac at your home or office. Different laptops have different fans. Yours could be loud by nature so don’t assume that an active fan is indicative of an overheating problem. Top quality laptop CPU Cooling Fan suppliers and specializes in repairing or replacing Notebook CPU Fan for all laptop brands and models: Apple Acer, Asus, Compaq, Dell, Lenovo, Gateway, HP, Sony, Samsung, Toshiba, and more Contact now!

    is your laptop overheating

    Laptop Overheating

    Notebook heating / Overheating issues dirt removal fan cleaning same day service in Hyderabad

    laptop fan error

    Laptop fan error

    This System PC fan error indicates a CPU cooling fan issue and urgent attention is required to avoid motherboard damage.

    notebook Fan making noise

    Fan making noise

    Dust is the most common cause of laptop noises. Dust damages your system in various ways including obstructing your laptops fan.

    Laptop Fan and Apply Thermal Paste

    Thermal Paste

    The thermal paste transfers the heat from the processor and graphic card to the heatsink and fan.

    laptop cpu fan malfunction

    Laptop Fan not working

    It’s not unusual for laptop fans to break down over time. And if ignored, the damage to your notebook can be catastrophic.

    laptop fan cleaning

    Fan Cleaning

    Keep your laptop in good health with our laptop cleaning service. We offer a fast, same/next day service for all makes and models.

    Laptop Intakes Dust

    Dust inside

    We remove the grease and dust from inside of your MacBook, laptop or the PC desktop computer

    Laptop cpu cooling fan not working

    Fan not spinning

    The Laptops cooling fan is clogged with dust, wires might get stuck in the fan or the fan does not get enough energy supply to spin.

    Apple MacBook Pro Retina 15 Inch A1707 CPU Cooling Fan

    Fan always on high speed

    Notebook is used for a long time, there will be a phenomenon that laptops fan always on high speed. Contact us for quick fix.

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