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All laptop brand BIOS Chip / UEFI available for including Apple, HP, Dell, Lenovo, Acer, Asus, Toshiba and Sony VAIO

Laptop Bios Chip flash service in Hyderabad India. Complete Bios exchange service & BIOS repairs to motherboards / mainboard’s that have a soldered BIOS Chip. If you need to restore a BIOS chip or EEPROM which is soldered directly to the motherboard surface and have exhausted all recovery options, we may be able to help. Laptop BIOS Chip replacement cost includes installation and delivery

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    Laptop BIOS Chip Replacement in 1 Hour

    Same Day / Next Day BIOS Chip Replacement Service

    Fastest Laptop BIOS Upgrade / Repair / Replacement Service in City

    Most of the Laptop motherboards uses a SOIC BIOS Chip we would then attempt to program the chip. If the ISP programming attempt fails, we would use hot air to remove the BIOS Chip. The EEPROM is then reprogrammed using a programmer and then re soldered to the Notebook Motherboard.

    Apple Service

    Apple MacBook BIOS

    Apple Mac Firmware Unlock Repair Services / EFI BIOS firmware Replacement  in Hyderabad India on all types of Mac Book Pro / Air and iMac

    Lenovo Service Center

    Lenovo Laptop BIOS Chip

    Lenovo Laptop BIOS Error messages solved here, We update notebook BIOS firmware in windows Laptops.
    Sony VAIO Service Center

    Sony Vaio BIOS Chip

    If your facing any Sony VAIO BIOS related problem, then contact us for a quick repair.

    Dell BIOS Firmware

    Whether you’re working on an Dell Alienware, Inspiron, Latitude, or other, BIOS & Firmware updates keep your device running at top performance.

    Acer Service Center

    Acer Notebook BIOS

    We can use best BIOS tools to Correct Acer notebook boot issues, Contact Us today

    Asus Service Center

    Asus Notebook BIOS

    Our team Specialising in the re-programming of Notebook bios chips and the supply of new programmed bios chips.

    HP Service

    HP Laptop BIOS Chip

    We help our customer to Identify and install the latest BIOS update / replacement / Program for an HP Notebook computer.

    Toshiba Laptop Repair

    Toshiba BIOS Chip

    Our Toshiba qualified engineers provide help to fix any BIOS / Firmware issues related to laptops.

    Microsoft service

    Microsoft Surface BIOS

    If you Laptop BIOS does not recognise hard drive / other devices then contact us for quick support

    Laptop BIOS Common Problems that we solve at our Store

    We specialize in the same day repairs and work with all makes and models

    Is your Laptop being unable to POST(i.e. system powers on, with fans spinning etc, but no video output to the Notebook screen), this is usually due to a failed BIOS update with these symptom. We do reprogram or replace BIOS chip with new programmed verified code, 90% of these faults are Notebook BIOS-Chip related. Top quality laptop BIOS Chip / Firmware suppliers for all laptop brands and models: Apple Acer, Asus, Compaq, Dell, Lenovo, Gateway, HP, Sony, Samsung, Toshiba, and more Contact now!

    Laptop BIOS CMOS Battery

    BIOS Battery

    If your Laptop showing error while booting, System time wrongly showing then you must replace Laptop CMOS Battery.

    laptop bios repair service

    BIOS Repair Services

    We provide Repair Services for BIOS and UEFI on Laptops, Net Books and Desktops. Contact us today.

    Notebook Defective BIOS Chip

    Defective BIOS Chip

    If the original Chip is defective we will replace it, re-soldering the Notebook Bios Chip on the Motherboard.

    laptop HDD Clicking Noisy Sounds

    Misconfigured BIOS

    If the notebook showing, “No System Disk found” then it may be your Notebook BIOS malfunctioning or not configured properly.

    BIOS Password Removal for laptops macbooks pc desktop computer

    BIOS Password Removal

    BIOS Password Recovery for Laptops. Quick and easy way to recover BIOS passwords on laptops.

    Laptop BIOS Corrupted

    Laptop BIOS Corrupted

    If your bios firmware has become corrupted, then we recommend you to contact us for same day computer repair service.

    Laptop BIOS Update

    BIOS Update

    Since some Laptop models are not able to update BIOS in Windows, You need to contact a professional like us for this.

    Notebook Soldered BIOS Repair

    Soldered BIOS Repair

    Always back up your BIOS First before applying any new update to your computer.

    Computer Repair Motherboard Replacement

    BIOS Not Loading

    If your Notebook isn’t loading your operating system and you’re stuck at the BIOS screen, then contact us for quick fix.

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