These Terms of Usage cover laptoprepairworld’s in-office, in-home and in-store laptop repair, diagnosis and installation services of any make.


If you are not satisfied with the services received from laptoprepairworld’s Onsite, please call 040-65656020 or 040-65656021 for assistance. If there is a problem existence and if you notify us, we will work to eradicate your problem quickly.

If repairs were occurred either by virus/spyware/malware, the service warranty is valid only if anti-spyware, anti-malware and anti-virus protection for your laptop was installed and updated during the entire warranty period.

Time Scheduling

Laptoprepairworld service hours are from Monday – Saturday 10:00AM to 8:00PM. Additional extra charges may be applied for services outside the standard hours and emergency services.

The total repair fee will be calculated and disclosed to the customer/client prior to the repair and will be charged before our technician has arrived to your location. This fee is non-refundable even if the repair service is cancelled due to no one being present when repair technician arrives to the location.

Limitations of being responsible legally

Customers agree to release, hold harmless Internet Services and the laptoprepairworld’s technician will be wholly responsible legally for any damages or description that may arise indirectly or directly from the services performed.

Appointment Cancellations

To cancel your in-home or in-office repair service appointment, you must contact laptoprepairworld at least 2 hours before the scheduled service.

Unused Property

Due to space limitations, we request you to pick up your whole equipment perfectly. If the equipment is left with laptoprepairworld and is not picked up within specific mentioned duration, we will treat your equipment as unused.

Limitations of Service

Laptoprepairworld reserves right to withhold from providing any requested services and instead refund your payment wholly or in instalments based on technical needs or other requirements.

Customer Responsibility

For in-office or in-home services, a person of at least 18 years of age should be present during the entire repair time when the repair services are done. If no one is present when technician arrives, services will be denied. Laptoprepairworld’s technicians are familiar in protocols of troubleshooting, configuration, computer hardware, software installation and they are official authorized service technicians.

LOSS OF DATA IS AN INHERENT and REAL RISK!!!Customer need to keep with them a copy of the complete backup of all important, personal and proprietary data.

According to the extent allowed by law, you agree that Laptoprepairworld’s total liability for damages related to its services is limited to the whole amount you pay for the services. Laptoprepairworld is not responsible for alteration, loss or corruption of any data in your laptop.

These Terms of Usage cover laptoprepairworld’s in-office, in-home and in-store laptop repair, diagnosis and installation services of any make.

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