Dell Latitude E6400 Motherboard


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Dell Latitude E6400 Motherboard: This is a bare-bones XFR-E6400 assembly kit with LCD screen and Intel Core 2 Duo CPU processor, a great way to transform your regular Latitude E6400 laptop into a ruggedized XFR-E6400.
The kit comes with everything you need to turn your existing E6400 into the durable XFR-E6400.

Dell Latitude E6400 MotherboardGuaranteed Compatible Dell Laptops:-Latitude XFR E6400

LCD Screen Assembly (WXGA 14.1″)
-with web camera
-wireless antenna cables
Outer Casing/Shell Pastics
CPU: Intel P8700 2.53Ghz Core 2 Duo
Heatsink/Fan Assembly
Base Bottom Assembly
Touchpad Palmrest Assembly

Simply move your HDD, memory, wireless card, system battery, and optical drive from your regular E6400 laptop to the barebones kit. The kit already comes with a Core 2 Duo CPU.

Dell Latitude E6400 Motherboard

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Compatible Dell Laptops:-Latitude XFR E6400

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