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Dell Motherboards

Dell Motherboards

Find here latest series Genuine Dell Motherboards with Dell Warranty from Laptop Repair World located in Hyderabad, India, Get your FREE Cash on Delivery today.: Dell laptop model we service: Inspiron, Vostro, Latitude, XPS, Studio, Precision, Alienware.

Laptop Repair World Offers Genuine Dell Laptop Motherboards. which will give you same performance as new. Delivers faster than any other Shopping cart, hence it will save your important time. Competitive prices, you can save your pockets by buying high quality products here.

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How much is a motherboard for a Dell laptop?

Laptop System Board Price List in Nehru Place
S.N. Brand & Model Unit Price
1. Dell inspiron 5110 Motherboard 4700
2. Dell inspiron 5050 Motherboard 6150
3. Dell inspiron 1545 Motherboard 4800
4. Dell inspiron 5040 Motherboard 6400

Can I change motherboard of my Dell laptop?

No its not possible. Laptop motherboards are different from desktop motherboards. You can just add RAM if there are free RAM slots in your motherboard. If you want to upgrade then think of taking a desktop.

How much does Dell motherboard repair cost?

If it’s a complicated motherboard repair or data recovery issue, you may have to spend Rs. 2000 – 8000 or Rs. 5000 – 12,500 respectively as the average laptop repair cost in India.

Is it worth it to replace a motherboard?

It won’t be worth it repairing a laptop motherboard. Unlike desktops that have motherboards that are separate from other components, laptop motherboards will have other parts such as the CPU and the memory soldered onto it. That means that you have to buy all of the other components as well.

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