Breathe New Life into Your Microsoft Surface with Genuine Charger Replacement in Hyderabad

Is your trusty Microsoft Surface showing signs of a dying charger? Don’t fret! Here at Laptop Repair World, we offer expert Microsoft Surface charger replacement services in Hyderabad to get your device back to full power quickly and conveniently.

Microsoft Surface Charger Doorstep Delivery

We Specialize in Charger Replacements for All Microsoft Surface Models:

Our technicians are well-versed in handling all Surface models, ensuring you get the right replacement charger for your specific device. Whether you own a Surface Pro, Surface Laptop, Surface Go, Surface Book, or any other Surface model, we have you covered.

When to Replace Your Microsoft Surface Charger:

Several signs indicate it’s time to replace your Microsoft Surface charger:

  • Slow or No Charging: This is the most obvious sign. If your Surface charges slowly or not at all, the charger might be malfunctioning.
  • Physical Damage: Visible damage like frayed cables, loose connections, or broken pins on the charger itself necessitates a replacement.
  • Overheating: A charger that becomes excessively hot during use can pose a safety risk and damage your Surface battery.
  • Frequent Disconnections: If your Surface frequently disconnects while charging, the charger might be faulty.

Microsoft Surface Charger Replacement Price Table (Hyderabad):

Surface Model Charger Type Replacement Price (INR)
Surface Pro 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 44W Charger ₹2,800
Surface Pro X 65W Charger ₹3,200
Surface Laptop 1, 2, 3, 4 65W Charger ₹3,200
Surface Go 1, 2, 3 36W Charger ₹2,500
Surface Book 1, 2, 3 102W Charger ₹3,800

Additional Benefits of Choosing Laptop Repair World:

  • Genuine Microsoft Chargers: We only use genuine Microsoft Surface chargers for replacements, ensuring optimal performance and safety for your device.
  • Expert Diagnostics: Our technicians will accurately diagnose the issue and confirm if a charger replacement is necessary.
  • Free Quote: Get upfront pricing before any service begins.
  • Doorstep Service Available: We offer convenient doorstep pickup and delivery for charger replacements across Hyderabad.
  • In-Store Repair: You can also bring your Surface and charger to our store for a quick replacement.
  • Warranty on Replacements: Enjoy peace of mind with a warranty on all our Surface charger replacements.

Get Your Microsoft Surface Powered Up Again!

Don’t let a faulty charger keep you disconnected. Schedule your Microsoft Surface charger replacement appointment online today:

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