Dell New Inspiron 3521 Keyboard Price Hyderabad

Product description

Dell original laptop keyboard 9d97x for inspiron 15 (3521) 15 (3537) 15r (5521) 15r (5537) 15r (i5535) 15v-1316 15vr-1106 m511r m531r latitude 3540 vostro 2521. How to avail warranty: it’s a sphere part so there is no warranty card/user manual with the product . You’ll get invoice with the product which is enough to avail the warranty from any authorized service center all across the country. Add this point in decription.



Dell New Inspiron 3521 Keyboard Price Hyderabad

  • Compatiable for inspiron 15 (3521) 15 (3537) 15r (5521) 15r (5537) 15r (i5535) 15v-1316 15vr-1106 m511r m531r latitude 3540 vostro 2521
  • Compatible keyboard part numbers:- 9d97x, 0wvtgr, 0yh3fc, 3v34r, 04dfcj, 9z.N5ysw.001, M6w72, nsk-dy0sw, nsk-la0sc, v137325as, y84kf
  • 3 Months national warranty by dell
  • Compatible with Inspiron 15 ( 3521 or 5521 )
  • Brand New Keyboard
  • Genuine Dell Part
  • Genuine Dell Parts will have a Dell part # sticker, make sure yours does.
  • Dell original OEM keyboard for the Dell Inspiron 5521 and 3521 Laptops. Compatible Dell Laptops/Notebooks: Inspiron 15 (5521) Inspiron 15 (3521) DP/N: YH3FC
  • Layout: US
  • Pls confirm your laptop model
  • Pls check layout, cable position, functional keys before purchase; Thanks
  • Color: Black ( The font color on the function keys may vary)
  • During installation or removal of any hardware, always ensure that all data is backed up properly.
  • Disconnect any telephone, network, video or USB cables from the computer.
  • If the laptop is being used in a docking station, undock the system.
  • Disconnect the AC adapter from the system.
  • Remove the battery from the system.
  • Hold the power button in for 5 seconds to drain any residual power from the system

Installing your keyboard

  1. Connect the keyboard cable with the stripes facing upward.
  2. Press the cable securing clip down so that it is clipped into place.
  3. Flip the keyboard upright and slide it downwards into place.
  4. Gently press down around the top edge of the keyboard until all of the securing latches are in place.
  5. You can now reinstall the battery and reconnect the AC adapter.