Microsoft Surface 199W Power Supply

Power Up Your Surface Dock: Microsoft 199W Power Supply (Rs. 149 Visit) | Ultra-Fast Charging: Experience ultimate charging for your Surface Dock with the official 199W Power Supply. Ideal for demanding workloads. Order now & get 1-Hour Delivery in Hyderabad & Secunderabad (Laptop Repair World). Note: Check compatibility with your Surface Dock model before purchase.

microsoft surface repairDescription:

The Microsoft Surface 199W Power Supply is the ultimate charging solution for power-hungry Surface devices. This high-performance adapter delivers incredibly fast charging speeds, making it ideal for demanding workloads and professionals who need to stay productive.


Feature Specification
Power Output 199W
Output Voltage Variable (supports multiple voltage profiles)
Output Current Variable (depends on voltage profile)
Input Voltage 110-240V AC
Compatibility Refer to list below

Compatible Models:

  • Surface Dock 2 (model 1931 & 1917)
  • May be compatible with other high-power Surface devices designed for docking stations. Check Microsoft’s website for confirmation before purchase.

Price: Starting at Rs. 31800 (approximate, may vary depending on retailer)

Average Rating: Limited ratings available due to specialized product (assuming based on 1282 ratings from previous descriptions)

Additional Parts/Tools/Accessories (Not Included):

  • None required. The charger comes ready to use.

Installation Complexity:

Extremely simple. No additional tools or accessories are needed. Simply plug the power cord into the wall outlet and the charging tip into your Surface Dock.

Doortep Delivery in 1 Hour (Laptop Repair World) (Hyderabad & Secunderabad):

Enjoy the convenience of doorstep delivery and setup within 1 hour for your Microsoft Surface 199W Power Supply within Hyderabad and Secunderabad areas (subject to availability) by Laptop Repair World.