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    Is your Lenovo laptop acting up, leaving you stranded in Hyderabad? Don’t sweat it! Laptop Repair World offers comprehensive on-site repairs across Hyderabad, reaching areas like Secunderabad, Ameerpet, Begumpet, Banjara Hills, Jubilee Hills, and beyond. Our certified technicians can diagnose and fix most Lenovo laptop problems within an hour, getting you back on track in no time.

    We also have stores in Hitech City and Secunderabad!

    • Hitech City Store Address: Behind Cyber Towers, Hitech City, Madhapur
    • Secunderabad Store Address: Paradise Circle, Secunderabad
    • Both locations Phone & WhatsApp: 7702503336

    Troubleshooting Common Lenovo Laptop Issues

    Here’s a breakdown of frequent problems faced by various popular Lenovo models, along with solutions:

    ThinkPad T490 | Lenovo

    Common Issue Battery Not Charging
    Analysis Faulty charger, damaged charging port, power IC issue
    Solution Replace charger, repair charging port, replace power IC
    Cost Starts from Rs.600+

    IdeaPad 330 | Lenovo

    Common Issue Slow Performance
    Analysis Overheating, outdated software, hardware limitations
    Solution Clean dust, update software, upgrade components (if possible)
    Cost Starts from Rs.600+

    IdeaPad Flex 5 | Lenovo

    Common Issue Touchscreen Not Working
    Analysis Hardware malfunction, software driver issue
    Solution Replace touchscreen, reinstall drivers
    Cost Starts from Rs.600+

    Legion Y540 | Lenovo

    Common Issue Keyboard Not Responding
    Analysis Liquid damage, faulty keyboard connection
    Solution Keyboard cleaning, keyboard replacement
    Cost Starts from Rs.600+

    ThinkBook 15 | Lenovo

    Common Issue Blue Screen of Death
    Analysis Software crash, hardware failure
    Solution Restart the laptop, diagnose hardware issues
    Cost Starts from Rs.600+

    Yoga C940 | Lenovo

    Common Issue Wi-Fi Not Connecting
    Analysis Faulty network adapter, software glitch
    Solution Update drivers, replace network adapter
    Cost Starts from Rs.600+

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    At Laptop Repair World, our CompTIA Level 3 certified technicians have expertise in resolving a wide range of Lenovo laptop issues:

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    We offer convenient doorstep service across Hyderabad, fixing your laptop at your home or office within an hour.
    Get upfront quotes for repairs before you commit to any service, FREE Dignosis and Doorstep service at Rs. 149.
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    Thinking of upgrading your Lenovo? Trade-in your old device for a discount on a new one.

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    Lenovo Service Center near me | Lenovo Estimated Repair Cost Pricelist (2024) in Hyderabad India

    Lenovo Repair Issue Lenovo Estimated Cost (₹) (Rs.) (INR)
    Lenovo Battery Replacement 2000 – 5000+
    Slow Performance 500 – 10000+
    No Internet Connection (WiFi/Bluetooth) 500 – 3000+
    Laptop Not Turning On 1000 – 10000+
    Screen Replacement (LCD Panel Repair/Cracked Lenovo Screen) 5000 – 20000+ Varies
    Lenovo Laptop Keyboard Replacement 1500 – 3000+
    Windows OS Installation/Upgrade (Downloadable from Microsoft) 500 – 1500+
    HDD/SSD Replacement 2000 – 6000+
    RAM Upgrade 1000 – 3000+
    Liquid Damage Repair 2000 – 8000+
    Lenovo Charger Repair (Power Jack/Port) 1000 – 3000+
    Thermal Sensor Issues (Cleaning/Overheating Repair) 500 – 1500+
    Software Issues (Kernel Panic, App Not Responding, Booting Errors, Windows Action Center Error) 500 – 2500+
    Hardware Component Repair/Replacement (Common Lenovo Issues – Wireless Card, Webcam, Motherboard, Trackpad, Speaker) Varies
    Data Recovery 1500 – 5000+
    Fan Replacement 1000 – 3000+
    MS Office Installation/Upgrade (licensed) 500 – 1500+
    Lenovo Touchscreen Repair/Replacement Varies
    Power Button Repair 500 – 2000+
    Lenovo Body Repair (Case/Shell) 1000 – 3000+
    General Cleaning/Maintenance 500 – 1000+
    Driver Installation 0 – 1000+
    BIOS/UEFI Update/Reinstall | WhatsApp 7702503336 500 – 1500+
    • These are just estimates. The actual cost may vary depending on the specific repair shop, model of your Lenovo laptop, and the severity of the problem.
    • Labor costs are typically included in the price ranges above.
    • If your Lenovo laptop requires multiple repairs, the total cost will be the sum of the individual repairs.

    Best Lenovo Computer Repair Service center in Hyderabad & Secunderabad

    Cracked Lenovo screen ruining your view? We replace Lenovo laptop screens with high-quality genuine parts, usually within 1 hour (depending on model). Get a free quote today
    Our technicians can diagnose and replace faulty Lenovo laptop batteries, ensuring your device stays powered for longer. We stock batteries for a wide range of Lenovo models.
    The AC adapter charger for a Lenovo laptop provides the necessary power to operate the device when it’s not running on battery power. It connects to a wall outlet and converts the AC current to DC current, which is what the laptop uses to function.
    The power DC jack, also known as the charging port, is a crucial component on your Lenovo laptop that allows you to connect the power adapter and charge the battery. It’s the socket where the tip of your charger cable plugs in.
    Suffering from sticky keys or unresponsive typing? We offer Lenovo laptop keyboard replacements with doorstep service in Hyderabad. Get a free quote and schedule your repair online!
    We stock a wide variety of genuine Lenovo laptop motherboards for various models. Our technicians can diagnose your laptop’s motherboard issue and replace it on-site at your home or office for a quick and convenient repair.
    An LCD hinge is the specialized hardware component that allows you to adjust the viewing angle and position of your Lenovo laptop’s screen. It connects the display to the base unit and ensures smooth movement while providing stability.
    The touch screen digitizer in a Lenovo laptop is a thin layer that sits on top of the LCD screen. It detects your touches and sends the information to the computer, allowing you to interact with the device.
    A hard disk (HDD/SSD) for a Lenovo laptop is a storage device that holds all your data, like documents, photos, and programs. It’s a crucial component that allows your laptop to function and access information.
    Replacing a cracked or malfunctioning LCD panel on your Lenovo laptop restores vibrant visuals and brings your display back to life. Choose from a variety of compatible panels to match your specific Lenovo model.
    The internal speaker on a Lenovo laptop is a small device built-in to the chassis that produces sound. It allows you to hear audio from your laptop applications, videos, and music without needing external speakers.
    Does your Lenovo laptop sound like a jet engine? Our doorstep repair service can replace your faulty CPU cooling fan and get your laptop running cool and quiet again!
    Looking to upgrade the memory (RAM) in your Lenovo laptop for faster performance? Laptop Repair World offers genuine Lenovo RAM upgrades with convenient doorstep service in Hyderabad. Get a free quote and schedule your upgrade today
    Lenovo laptops utilize a touchpad as their primary pointing device, replacing the traditional mouse. These touchpads allow users to navigate the screen, click, scroll, and perform multi-touch gestures.
    Suffering from display issues on your Lenovo laptop? We offer high-quality replacement display cables for various Lenovo models. Enjoy convenient doorstep service for a quick fix!
    The power button on a Lenovo laptop is typically located on the edge of the base unit, near the keyboard. It’s a small, raised button used to turn the laptop on and off.

    Get Your Lenovo Laptop Fixed in 1 Hour (Hyderabad & Doorstep Service)!

    Laptop woes got you down in Hyderabad? Laptop Repair World offers 1-hour on-site repairs across the city (Secunderabad, Ameerpet, etc.) or at your doorstep. Free diagnosis, upfront quotes, and genuine Lenovo parts. Book online and use code LRW-HYD-LENOVO05 for 5% off!


    Lenovo laptop repair cost in Hyderabad?

    Cost from Rs. 149 Home Vist; Get transparent quotes upfront.

    Do you offer home service for Lenovo laptop repairs?

    Yes, enjoy doorstep repairs within an hour (charges may apply).

    How long does it take to fix a Lenovo laptop?

    Most common repairs take under an hour.

    Can you fix a cracked Lenovo laptop screen?

    Yes, we offer various repair services.

    Do you have replacement keyboards for Lenovo laptops?

    Yes, we stock parts for most models.


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    “Got my overheating IdeaPad 330 fixed in Ameerpet within an hour. Great service!”

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    “The technicians at Laptop Repair World replaced the faulty touchscreen on my IdeaPad Flex 5 in Begumpet. Now it works perfectly!”

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    “Doorstep keyboard replacement for my Legion Y540 saved the day! Thanks, Laptop Repair World (Somajiguda).”

    Priya, Software Developer

    “Upgraded my ThinkBook 15 RAM at the Madhapur store. Knowledgeable staff and fair prices.”

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    “Diagnosed and fixed the Wi-Fi issue on my Yoga C940 at your Secunderabad store. Much appreciated!”