Breathe New Life into Your HP Laptop Typing: Keyboard Repair & Replacement (Cost Guide)

Is your HP laptop keyboard malfunctioning, leaving you frustrated with typos and unresponsive keys? Don’t fret! This guide explores keyboard repair and replacement options for various HP models, along with estimated costs to help you get back to smooth typing.

Fix Your HP Laptop Keyboard: Repair vs. Replace & Costs Explained!: Is your HP laptop keyboard acting up? We can help! Explore our guide on HP laptop keyboard repair & replacement costs, solution options for various models, and valuable tips to get your typing back on track. Get a free quote today!

Doorstep HP Laptop ServiceHP Laptop Keyboard Repair vs. Replacement:

The table below highlights the approximate cost range for repairing or replacing keyboards in popular HP laptop models. Please note that these are estimates and the actual cost may vary depending on the severity of the damage, parts required (genuine HP or compatible), and service center chosen.

HP Laptop Model Compatible Models (Examples) Keyboard Repair/Replacement Price (Approx. Range)
HP Pavilion 14s, 15s, dv series, Envy series ₹800 – ₹2,000
HP Omen 15-dh, 17-an, various Omen models ₹1,000 – ₹2,500
HP Spectre x360 series, 13-ap, various Spectre models ₹1,200 – ₹3,000
HP EliteBook 800 series, 1000 series, various EliteBook models ₹1,000 – ₹2,500
HP ProBook 400 series, 600 series, various ProBook models ₹800 – ₹2,000
HP Chromebook 11a-na, x360 series, various Chromebook models ₹700 – ₹1,800
HP ENVY x360 series, 13-ba, various Envy models ₹800 – ₹2,200
HP Stream 14-cd, 11-ah, various Stream models ₹600 – ₹1,500
HP Victus 15-fa, 16-f0, various Victus models ₹900 – ₹2,300
HP ZBook 15 G8, 17 G7, various ZBook models ₹1,200 – ₹3,000

Choosing the Right HP Laptop Keyboard Solution:

  • Repair vs. Replace: Simple issues like minor spills or stuck keys might be repairable. Extensive damage or liquid contact often requires a full replacement.
  • Genuine vs. Compatible: Genuine HP keyboards typically cost more but may offer a better fit and performance. High-quality compatible keyboards can be a cost-effective option.
  • DIY Repair: While some repairs are possible with basic tools, complex repairs or delicate laptops are best left to professionals.

Additional Considerations:

  • Cleaning: Regular cleaning can help prevent keyboard issues. Try compressed air or a soft brush to remove dust and debris.
  • Settings: Sometimes, keyboard malfunctions can be resolved through software settings. Check for driver updates or adjust keyboard settings in your operating system.

Get Your HP Laptop Keyboard Fixed Today!

Restore your HP laptop’s typing functionality with a repair or replacement. Many service centers, like Laptop Repair World (starting at ₹149), offer doorstep keyboard repair/replacement for added convenience. Contact your chosen service center for a free consultation or quote.

Highly-Rated Service: Many service centers boast excellent customer reviews. Look for a center with a reputation for quality keyboard solutions, skilled technicians, and reliable service.

Don’t Let Typos Slow You Down: Fix Your HP Laptop Keyboard (Cost Guide Included!)

Facing HP laptop keyboard woes? This guide explores repair and replacement costs for popular models (Pavilion, Omen, Spectre, etc.), along with helpful tips to get your keyboard working smoothly again.


  1. Is repairing my HP laptop keyboard cheaper than replacing it? For minor issues, yes! Repairs can be more affordable than replacements.
  2. How much does a new HP laptop keyboard typically cost? Prices range from ₹500 to ₹₹3,000 depending on the model and whether you choose a genuine HP or compatible keyboard.
  3. Can I get my HP laptop keyboard repaired at home? Absolutely! Services like Laptop Repair World offer doorstep keyboard repair starting at ₹149.
  4. Should I try to clean my HP laptop keyboard myself? Yes, sometimes! Compressed air can remove dust and debris causing issues.
  5. Is a DIY keyboard replacement a good idea? Not always. Incorrect disassembly can cause further damage. Consider a professional for complex repairs.


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