Is your Dell laptop keyboard not Working ?

We Replace New Dell Keyboard in 1 Hour.

The keyboard of your Dell laptop is not working properly? Don’t worry, we are here to help you to repair / replace new Dell Notebook keyboard / Dell laptop with backlit keyboard / lighted keyboard in 1 Hour. Bring your Laptop to our service center, our technicians will help you to resolve the issue. Get best discounted Dell laptop keyboard price.

Most of the Dell Notebooks have strong keys on the keyboard. Sometimes those keys stop working because of several reasons. Excessive dust behind the keys may affect your keyboard functionality. Accidental liquid drops may also effect. No matter whatever the reason, we are capable of repairing your Dell laptop with lighted keyboard / Dell keyboard. Our experienced technicians will thoroughly check the possible reasons behind keyboard malfunctioning and repair it at a reasonable price.

Dell Laptop Keyboard

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    Repair / Replacement of Internal Dell laptop keyboard in around Secunderabad Hyderabad Telangana

    dell laptop keyboard replacementIn some cases, removing keys from the Dell Backlit Keyboard and cleaning might fix the issue. In some cases, you may need to replace them with new keys. No matter whether your Dell Notebook new model or old model, We provide support for all Dell Models: Inspiron, Latitude, Precision, Vostro, XPS, Studio, Alienware Keyboard, G-Series, Venue and Chromebook. You might be thinking, the new keys are as good as the old one? Absolutely, yes! We add only genuine products, 100% OEM.

    Genuine Dell Keyboard

    As you know, besides Laptop Repair service, we also sell laptop parts of all brands. We sell only genuine products, manufactured by the original equipment manufacturer.  We also provide a 1-year warranty on Laptop parts, Dell lighted keyboard, just in case if anything goes wrong in the future. Laptop Repair World, never compromise on quality. We thrive to deliver the best laptop repair service in Hyderabad.

    Transparency in Service & Price

    We maintain transparency with our customers. No hidden charges, No Gimmicks. In case if your Dell Inspiron keyboard is not working properly, you can bring it to us, we will check for the issue for free. We also provide a Free Estimate in case if you want to get that fixed. If we don’t fix, we ain’t gonna charge you anything!

    Skill Experienced Technicians

    We have skilled technicians who are in this industry over a decade. We are capable of resolving any kind of issue in your laptop. You don’t have to worry about service quality. We deliver the best laptop repair service at very affordable prices.

    Professional Approach

    We maintain professionalism at work. Providing top-quality service, delivering on-time are our key fundamentals.

    Often many people ask us, Does damaged keyboard come under warranty? well, it depends on the reason how your keyboard got damaged. If all of the sudden keys stopped working, if there is some issue on the motherboard, then you may claim warranty. If your Dell Vostro keyboard stopped working because of accidental damages like liquid pour, then you cannot claim warranty. Anyhow, it is better to contact Dell customer support. If they’re convinced, you can get new keyboard keys from Dell. You can bring them to us, we will affix at a reasonable price. Else, we will buy genuine keyboard keys for your Dell laptop.

    The final question which comes to your mind is, How much does it cost to replace Dell laptops Keyboard? Well, it depends on your Laptop model, however, if you want to know the Average charge to replace a laptop keyboard is approximately Rs.3000.

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