As Dell is one of the leading brands, there are many users for these latest technology laptops. Any laptop undergoes wear and tear after years of usage. The malfunction may be because of some virus attacks or hardware issues. Such devices need to be serviced in Dell authorized service centers like Laptop Repair World. We have built a strong relationship with our esteemed clients by offering our excellent recession-proof pricing. 

Laptop Repair World is a 9001:2000 ISO certified company to offer services related to Dell laptops. For all the problems associated with keyboard, logic board, and any other hard drive related replacements, we use authorized and certified parts which provide maximum performance. 

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Services We Offer at Laptop Repair World

Logic Board Repair

Logic board repair/replacement

The logic board is the main component of a laptop, which, when malfunctions, interrupts the whole process of your work. At Laptop Repair World, we have authorized Dell dealers where we have branded motherboards for replacement.

Dell Laptop Battery

Battery Repair/ Replacement:

Dell battery cannot be replaced by duplicate brands, which will spoil your device’s performance. Hence it needs to be replaced by the original Dell company battery, which is available with us.

Laptop Fan

Fan Repair/Replacement:

Continuous usage of the laptop makes it hot. The fan present reduces this hotness and cools it down. When this fan doesn’t work properly, your device uses more charging, which drains the battery fast. We have Dell’s original parts for replacement, which will solve the issue.

Dell Laptop Screen

Screen Repair/ Replacement

If your device’s screen is broken or is not working properly, bring it to us at Laptop Repair World, where we have a quality screen that can be replaced.

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    Why Choose US ?

    Customer satisfaction

    We solve all your Dell laptop related problems and offer 100% customer satisfaction with our esteemed services.

    Transparent services

    We offer transparent services without any hidden logic’s. We openly discuss with our clients the issues which make us a trusted service center.

    Professional team

    We have a team of qualified and certified technicians who can solve all your laptop issues and extend our services round the clock.

    Low Costs Guaranteed

    We offer low cost services to our clients with high-quality replacement parts.

    Laptop Repair World is one of Dell laptops’ authorized dealers, which can solve all the issues related to your device. Do book your appointment with us today and get going with your works.