Cost : MacBook screen cost varies from 10300 INR to 63500 INR depending on the MacBook model and screen size. Due to high cost involved in Hyderabad India

How Much Does A Macbook Screen Repair Cost India?

According to the India Apple Stoe, the cost of Macbook laptop screen repairs for this model ranges from Rs. 10300 to Rs.63500. Upon looking at the model number of your Macbook and the damage it suffered, you might end up paying anywhere between as a repair claim.

How Much Does Fixing A Macbook Screen Cost?

a MacBook display with the Retina functionality (standard stuff nowadays), you will need to replace the screen completely at the Apple Store between 10300 and 63500. The MacBook screen can be repaired in Apple locations for 10300 for those prices. A Tier 4 Accidental Damage charge of 63500 is added in the form of an additional 1500 Labor Charge.

Is It Worth It To Replace Macbook Screen?

A screen can be made to look better without changing it or needing a warranty. Purchasing a new and refurbished MacBook will save you time and money.

How Much Is It To Replace An Imac Screen?

Model Screen or external enclosure only (with AppleCare+) Other damage (with AppleCare+)
All Mac models 10300 63500


How Much Does It Cost To Repair A Mac Screen?

It is necessary to pay a fee of 1500 for a replacement of your screen or external enclosure damaged. In addition, any other damage will cost 15500. Depending on your insurance plan, AppleCare+ may charge you 19500 for screen repairs for an Apple MacBook Air.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace The Glass On An Imac?

10300 for new glass and LCD part for your MacBook.

Can You Replace An Imac Screen?

If your iMac LCD is cracked, you can easily lose some pixels or even end up with distorted patterns. When your iMac LCD appears like a retro TV panel or you suspect the LCD has been damaged, trust the talented iMac repair technicians at uBreakiFix to replace it and get it working again right away.